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 Bringing Hardware Driving Muscle to Kylix

 KylixDriver Architecture

 What Does KylixDriver Include?

 System Requirements

 Installing KylixDriver

 Preparing Your Linux System

 Installation Process

 Using CardBuilder

 Advanced Issues

 Handling Interrupts

 ISA and PCI Interrupts

 Three Parts of Interrupt Handler

 Kernel-Mode and User-Mode Interrupt Handlers

 Organizing a Kernel-Mode Interrupt Handler

 Options to Write a Succeeding Interrupt Handler

 Performing DMA

 Scatter/Gather DMA scheme

 Contiguous DMA scheme (read sequence)

 Contiguous DMA scheme (write sequence)

 Debugging Technique

 How Debug Messages Get Logged

 Kylix and KylixDriver Interaction Problems

 Displaying Diagnostics Info at Design Time

 Counting Data Modules of a Project

 Legal Disclaimer or Warranty

 Special Notice


 KylixDriver Shareware License

 KylixDriver Single-User License

 KylixDriver Developer License

 KylixDriver Domain License


 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Appendix A

 Installation Script Output