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Installing KylixDriver

Preparing Your Linux System

In Linux, kernel modules must be necessarily compiled with the same kernel header and source files, which the kernel itself was compiled with. Since KylixDriver needs Kernel Module named kdmodule.o (kdmodule.ko for 2.6 kernel), initially non-existent, you have to generate this module with the help of header and source files of the Linux kernel that correspond to your currently functioning Linux system.

Thus, the preliminary step to install KylixDriver is to properly configure your Linux system, if necessary. Do not let these words fool you because this is a really simple operation. Whoever may be your Linux distribution vendor, your task is constant ľ to add the following specific system components to your generic Linux system, or just check if these components are already present (in case if you do not remember whether you installed these components at once):

Here are approximate steps to add the mentioned-above components to your system, if not present:

Installation Process

Now it is time to install KylixDriver itself. This operation includes both installing the KylixDriver Application Library into all stocking Kylix IDEs and generating the KylixDriver Kernel Module - kdmodule.o (or kdmodule.ko) file. Fortunately, the whole installation process consists of the following steps: