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Kylix and KylixDriver Interaction Problems

Displaying Diagnostics Info at Design Time

Strange things happen in Kylix3 when you are, for instance, watching for interrupts generated. The corresponding listbox on CardBuilder window stops displaying the information on it in the following cases:

  1. CardBuilder window is inactive.
  2. CardBuilder is active, but no current mouse or keyboard activity (or any activity of Kylix IDE)

That does not happen in Kylix1 and Kylix2. Interrupt information goes onto the listbox via synchronized method. The listbox itself is a control of CardBuilder, that is, in turn, of design window type. Multiple investigations have revealed that the listbox accepts all the information in time, but turns out to be unable to redraw itself for some reason(s). It can not even redraw by means of special methods of CLX called within the thread of delivering data onto control, until help from the environment. The trouble can not be fixed for the time being. As an overcome just slightly pull your mouse about for updated interrupt statistics.

Counting Data Modules of a Project

In order to provide the only exemplar of device component per application, there must be enumerated all possible owners: all data modules a project has. CLX Screen object declares that data modules can be enumerated, but actually, at design time, DataModuleCount property of this object always reports 0 independently of how many data modules are currently attached to project. If you know how to resolve that, please let us know. As an overcome, visually protect your application from having more than one device component if there are more than one data module in your application. In run-time mode the behavior was not examined.