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Version 3.1 (Release Date February 14 2005)


CardBuilder: Urgent bug fix - Kylix IDE was hanged on a card component destruction while CardBuilder design window was existing (fixed-time improvements always do ill turn).


Version 3.0 (Release Date February 07 2005)


GDD: Conforms to the latest Linux kernel 2.6.10. | Kernel regparm option support - new logic file produced.

DEMO: Support for ALTERA chipset PCI: diagnostic application sample that includes ALTERA-specific definitions.

KAL: TkdFrameworkAssistant complementary class added - better code allocation.

CardBuilder: Clear-all-resources-at-once ability.


KAL: kdPCINonBridge class - autoset first-found (bus,slot,func) vector in case if (0,0,0) is specified for VID,DID. | TkdInterrupt's OnHwInterrupt event property syntax changed - get required info simpler!

CardBuilder: Testing application code improvements.


KAL: Rare card destruction crash leaded by resource destructor - Fixed

GDD: Memory range 0x00000000-0x00000000 (one byte length) mapping trouble - Fixed

Dozens of little bugs throughout KAL, GDD, CardBuilder fixed - very stable, thus 3.0




Version 2.0 (Release Date December 30 2004)

Support for DMA. TkdDMABuffer final resource class is introduced.

Run-time version of KylixDriver Application Library is completely console-mode compatible. TkdCustomCards owner is TDataModule.

CardBuilder: correct buffer allocation/release for logging data (FreeMem(Buffer) does not make Buffer to be nil) CardBuilder does not hang now!

TkdHWRange class: kernel-side range length was of C short type by mistake. Fixed!

Documentation changes, additions and recasts.


Version 1.1 (Release Date - September 14 2004)

StopInterruptPipe method kernel-side implementation problem. The method could never return. Fixed!

CardType property at device component introduced to serve as an additional resort protector for pre-defined cards. Not yet enabled.


Version 1.0 (Release Date - August 31 2004)

Initial version