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Writing Linux Device Drivers in Kylix
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Driver Skeleton Automation
KylixDriver is a RAD Kylix Solution
Design-Time Hardware Diagnostics
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ETSoft Tenzor.Net is a couple of experienced Delphi/Kylix developers who wish to provide you with ready-made solutions for demanding tasks in the verily friendly form. This is, in particular, because we are engaged in system programming for Windows, Linux and QNX, and thus able to integrate to our issues a little bit more than most of pure applied programmers can.

The expensiveness for highly tailored tools is not our priority, as well as shareware is not our primary business. We are interested in the best productivity and singularity for we want to hear only good responses from users. We also tend to make our modest contribution to the Borland Programmers Community because we like those programming languages with all their philosophy.

As soon as we succeed in our further research, the results will be implemented in new tools that will be necessarily shared with people on the Web.















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